Peter Reyneke is Founder & Principal of PRO-Accounting Services. He specialises in the areas of financial management, analytical accounting, financial statements, internal control, and small business advisory.

Peter has 20+ years of experience working with small businesses consisting of 1 to 350 employees with revenue upward of R100 million. His background ranges from Accounting Officer to internal Financial Manager functions. He has provided financial statement audits, compilations, and reviews; consulted with business owners for finance staff recruiting, budgets, projections, growth plans, staff training, and financial analysis. He has guided companies in all financial areas of contract accounting including accounting system setup, continued company compliance, cost accounting standards, and policies and procedures. He has assisted small businesses with services ranging from basic accounting needs to strategic finance and due diligence. His skills allow him to communicate with all levels of an organization, thus making him a trusted advisor and sounding board for major business decisions including legal matters involving financial accounting, reporting, and compliance. Regardless of the complexity of the engagement, he has been able to always convey information in meaningful terms and evaluate and offer recommendations to business stakeholders for future improvement.








We provide bookkeeping, accounting, reviewing, tax, and advisory services to small to midsized businesses and entrepreneurs. We work with our clients to help them understand their financial data for sound decision-making and business growth. Our goal is to provide lasting solutions as frequently or infrequently as necessary for your specific business.


              Registered Accounting Officer (PPG00398)  – Chartered Governance Institute of Southern Africa (CGISA)

              Registered Tax Practitioner – (PR-0011251) –  SARS / Chartered Governance Institute of Southern Africa (CGISA)


              Associate of Chartered Governance Institute of Southern Africa (CGISA) – Member Number: 3003978

              The Chartered Governance Institute (London)


To be known as the ACCOUNTING firm where the level of accuracy and client service makes clients never want to leave.


To grow our accounting and advisory firm so referrals, attract and retain the best candidates through word of mouth, encourage work/life balance.

To Achieve This, Our Philosophy Is:

•             Emphasize accuracy, integrity, proactivity, and communication

•             Build a diverse and enthusiastic team of qualified staff

•             Increase planning and oversight of client projects to provide quality service in a timely manner without infringing on staff personal time.

•             Offer services to growth-oriented clients who possess a high level of integrity and value our services.

•             Assist clients in reaching their maximum potential by open communications and teamwork.

•             Assist staff in reaching their maximum potential through mentoring, professional development and encouraging a high level of professional competence.


Our values guide us in how we conduct business. Values shape the relationships we have with our clients, the relationships our team members have with each other, and our commitment to having a reputation that provides a positive outcome.

Adherence to Professional Standards

To ensure we are adhering to the latest professional standards, we keep our resources up to date with the latest releases and our professionals stay abreast of changes with continuing education and technical reading.

Client-Centric Service

Even in the world of mobile applications and remote access, we still take a keen interest in our clients’ business and how they operate. Where possible; as part of our Client Interaction Program, professional staff will visit client facilities to see how business is really run in the trenches or chat with management to inquire about strategic plans and how we can assist with their growth.

Technology Driven 

We utilise the latest accounting technology to increase efficiency and reduce errors. With the extra time saved, we can focus on the value-added services that are important to our clients.

Environmentally Conscience

We perform all of our engagements paperless (REALLY!). We utilise secured client portals for the transfer of client files and information.

Workplace Diversity

Diversity provides our firm with different backgrounds, experiences, thoughts and ideas. This allows each staff member to bring something different to each engagement thus improving the quality of our services. This benefits our clients in that they get fresh ideas, alternative perspectives and well-thought out recommendations for improving their accounting functions and their business.

Team-driven Focus

Our staff exemplifies teamwork. Multiple staff are responsible for each client. Meeting deadlines sometimes requires that each team member does their part AND assist each other. Our office structure and work ethic encourages staff to assist each other, whether the client is assigned to them or not.