PRO-Accounting Services is the premier payroll processing firm for small businesses. Whether your company has one employee or many, we have the perfect blend of price and service to meet your payroll needs. Our experienced team will ensure that we meet your needs and exceed your expectations. At PRO-Accounting Services, our focus is  small businesses and all the payroll needs of smaller companies. Whether taking care of a single employee owner/employee or a much more complex businesses with multiple locations in South Africa, PRO-Accounting Services has the experience, know-how, and product mix to be the best solution for our customers. Payroll data is at the heart of the employee record. Enjoy the confidence of knowing that your payroll data is accurate, available but tightly controlled and never out of sync with other parts of the employee record. Whatever your size or location, PRO-Accounting Services is the full service payroll company for you.


Payslips (Calculated Per Employee, Per Month)
Payslip Calculation (Calculated Per Employee, Per Month)
IRP5/IT3 Certificate – Per Employee

PAYROLL PROCESSING p/m (Includes: Sage Payroll)

Up to 5 employees R725
Up to 10 employees R1 110
Up to 15 employees R1 475